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How to be a brilliant brainstorm facilitator

This session is all about how to facilitate a brainstorm to bring out the creative side of people and allow them to let themselves go. The workshop includes all the structural practices that are important, but the real aim of the session is to arm potential brainstorm facilitators with very practical, instantly applicable tools to generate brilliant but sellable results.

Presenting with Confidence

Designed to enable people to have the confidence and belief that they can be a great presenter.  From beginners to Director level.  Essential training for anyone who has never had a presentations skills course.

Selling Ideas

Designed for Media Agencies to help media people present either creative work or media ‘ideas’.  The aim of this training is to help media people position these ideas in a more strategic and more creative way.  To allow them to have the key prominence that they deserve and avoid them getting lost in the presentation.

Take Control of your Briefs

Specifically designed for Account Handlers who need to improve at both taking briefs from Clients and writing briefs for Creatives.  The objective is to give delegates a structure to help them ask the right questions, but to also help them find the ‘insight’ to make the brief truly inspirational.

Managing & Influencing People

Devised to help people around 1-3 years into the business to deal better with people and difficult situations that arise.  Uses the Myers Briggs questionnaire and dichotomies, to help people understand why some people respond positively or negatively in different situations.

Pitching to Win

Pitches can often result in too much information, and no clear focus, throw everything at them! This course was developed to help management teams with the preparation, the key questions to ask, building trust early, and producing winning pitch presentations.

Selling Creative Work

This course is designed to save the agency money by getting ideas sold in first time and avoiding needless rebriefs. The aim of the course is to get people presenting the right work, in the right way.

The Yin and Yang of Negotiation

Account handlers can be battered from each side by Clients and Creative's, so the objective of this course is to help people give people what they want, but on their own terms through effective ‘win ’ negotiation.

Leadership Training

Principally designed for newly promoted Account Directors, who need to make the step change from Managing to Directing.  This course uses Myers Briggs as a starting point, and works with the delegates to understand their current leadership style, and how they might need to adapt this for their team and difficult people.  This courses also covers how to manage performance.

Take Control of your Time

This is a course for anyone (any department, any level) that needs to improve at Managing their Time, with the premise that it’s not about doing more, but doing less, a little better.  This course has instant results, and is great for demonstrating ROI on training.

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