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Take Control of your Time

This is a course for anyone (any department, any level) that needs to improve at Managing their Time, with the premise that it’s not about doing more, but doing less, a little better.  This course has instant results, and is great for demonstrating ROI on training.

This session is about getting the delegates to understand, that by learning how to plan and prioritise their workload to best suit their style and personality, will give them greater control of their life.

The aim of this session is to show people that by doing less, you can achieve more, with even greater effectiveness.

The session covers :

  • Taking responsibility
  • Why and when you should do your to do list
  • Seven methods to turn this list into a list of ordered priorities
  • How to deal with the stuff that gets in your way
  • Techniques to help you concentrate on the priorities
  • Tackling the big dreams

It is great for any level and any department. It runs as a four hour workshop and can take up to 12 people max.