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Dyson - Leigh Abbosh

         'Tish has run various courses with the team at Dyson, from presentation skills for the account team to Selling creative work for the creative teams. The guys attending her course always come back singing Tish’s praises, excited to put into practice the skills she has given them. Her years of industry experience really show, with her courses being based on real life examples rather than class room based theory - her training is instantly relatable to the creative workplace. Crucially the team enjoy the training sessions with Tish who is one of the most engaging and entertaining trainers I’ve come across. I first started working with Tish over 12 years ago. I’m certainly looking forward to the next 12!’

Voyage Design - Emma Molyneaux

"Tish is probably THE best trainer I've ever had - she's got a real knack of teaching you invaluable skills without you realising you're being taught! It's only afterwards when you put the skills into practice that it hits you how superbly enriching Tish's training is. No agency, creative or client handler should be without a dose of Tish's training."

Chemistry/Modem - Robin Garms

“Tish came in to coach my creative team on presentation skills and selling creative work. It was difficult to get them to take time out from scheduled work, but on each occasion they came away fired up with a new enthusiasm for their craft and with measurable improvements in their skills.”

Corbis - David Rowley

'I just wanted to write you a little note to say how much I appreciate the help you've given me this last year or so. I can't tell you how useful the training has been to me and my self confidence. It may not show, but I'm usually quite shy and don't relish the thought of getting up in front of people and being the centre of attention.  It's fine if I've got a guitar in my hand, I don't have a problem with that! I've always dreaded the type of presentation training we've had at Corbis and other places I've worked over the years, I've never really come away thinking I've gained anything. But with your techniques and methods I've changed my tune! It's helped me leaps and bounds and now I feel I can do anything put in front of me. Whatever Corbis pay you...it's not enough, and if ever I can be of help or service to you, please let me know. Weddings, Bar Mitzvahs... children's parties... all offers considered!’

The IPA - Melissa Thompson

“Tish has worked with the IPA for many years and delivers inspirational and passionate training. She's entertaining, experienced and knows how to keep the attention of the group. Tish consistently receives very good feedback on the courses she delivers for us.“

Corbis/Nokia - Clive Baker

“The training that Tish provides is inspiring - it not only addresses key skill sets that people need to improve but it also acts as a superb piece of motivational team bonding. These two parts added together make her courses great value whichever way you look at them - skills building, individual inspiration, team bonding – and crucially this adds up to a more motivated team which becomes more professional and more determined to succeed. The comments back from the people I have put on her courses are all extremely positive with most saying Tish provides the best courses they have ever been on!”

M&C Saatchi -AD

"Leadership – this was the BEST TRAINING SESSION EVA. Tish is the sassiest, most effervescent ‘trainer’ ever to walk this land. She was fun, personable, straight, but most importantly relatable. Everything she took us through felt relevant – it definitely showed that she had a background in advertising, and a pretty impressive one at that. This mean that she gave us relevant, and personal, examples of issues she had faced. It also meant we could ask advertising specific qs that we knew she would have good advice on. I liked the way she made it very personal and memorable. The Myers Briggs section of the course must have a special mention as it has made me RE-evaluate myself and also evaluate those who I work with. It has made me change the way I approach things, (hopefully) for the better."

HSBC - Doris Ridgeway

“Tish is an outstanding motivational speaker and kept the team's attention from start to finish, even over two days. I think that every person on the course learnt something regardless of their experience, and there was universal positive feedback from all participants. Our sessions with Tish were a wonderful team-building opportunity, barriers were visibly broken down as the group got more involved in the practical aspects of the course. Many thanks Tish!”

Manchester United - Kelly Trowers

“Tish worked with us to deliver part of our transformation programme. We felt her advertising background would be a good fit for what we were looking for and we were right. Tish took the time to understand our needs and consequently tailored the workshops to meet the brief. Tish engaged our busy managers and staff with her real life examples, helping to bring theory and business techniques into the real world. It was a pleasure work with such a personable and memorable character.”

Publicis - Patrick Walsh

“The training with Tish was fantastic. It has not only given me the skills to feel confident when presenting but also the knowledge needed to capture and retain my audiences attention so that my presentations are now more effective, and best of all Tish makes all this training fun!"

Media Trust - Asha Goveas

‘We run an extensive training and events programmes recruiting expert speakers from across our corporate partners including BBC, Channel 4, Guardian Media Group and experts at the top of their game across the private, public and voluntary sectors. Tish Mousell is one of the best speakers we've ever had. She brings both a level of expertise and authority on her subject and an ability to engage audiences individually to bring out the very best from them. She has a rare talent when it comes to developing confidence, and elicits effusive feedback that has delighted us all. As one delegate put it: "Difficult to follow this act”.

Starcom MediaVest - Sarah Taylor

“Tish's enthusiasm is infectious. Her knowledge and passion for the industry is evident and her experience, anecdotes and love of training combine to lift what could be a flat presentation course, into one of genuine learning, engagement and fun. Feedback is always excellent and Tish has clearly struck a fantastic balance across all elements that make a valuable training opportunity. Offering a pacey, interactive day and a half, all of our delegates have come away feeling more confident and keen to put their enhanced skills into practice. We are delighted to call Tish one of our most respected partners.” 

Blueprint - Julie Goodair

‘We employed Tish through a recommendation from an agency she had trained previously, nothing better that a recommendation! Initially we commissioned Tish to train our Account Management team but soon realised the potential of Tish and also commissioned her to train relevant staff in presentation skills.  The team at Blueprint are a diverse bunch, editorial, creative and account managers who are at different levels of development. Tish managed to put everyone at ease and create a training plan to suit their abilities and skill sets. Feedback from the teams showed that Tish was effective in her training and results can be seen today. Tish is a pleasure to work with and your people will enjoy, engage and learn from her courses.”

The Communications Agency - Jenny Phillips

"Tish is one of the best advertising trainers I have ever worked with. Her first hand understanding of our industry means that she is able to deliver a broad range of courses in a way that is insightful, motivating and focussed. Her courses are always fun, interactive and engaging and most importantly, she achieves impressive results for our business."

Publicis/Vodafone - Melissa Hopkins

"Tish has the magic of reading the room and individuals within it. So, not only does she prepare and run very beneficial courses, she knows where to pitch it and, more importantly, getting people out of their shells at all levels. Not an easy task."

Chemistry - Ben Lloyd

“Tish is one classy, crazy cat lady with extra cool. Access to her vast industry experience, endless ad knowledge and first class guidance is like gold cut for any account or creative team. Highly engaging and fun delivery balanced with powerful tools to take away and put into practice. Thank you Tish!”